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L & E Bottling Company offers competitive coffee services for offices, restaurants, and convenient stores. We carry a wide variety of coffee to engage all types of flavor profiles to fit each customer needs.

Coffee is essenial in most work places to help spark innovation, energize employees, and satisfy customers.

We carry bulk coffees (Ground and Whole Bean), portion packs, k cups, flavored Cappuccino and all forms of sugars, creamers, cups and display pieces needed.

We provide equipment, installation, delivery and service at no charge with the purchase of our coffee and supplies.

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We use primarily BUNN equipment for our coffee programs.

Our equipment ranges from larger machines for more capacity to smaller units for less end users.

We provide coffee and water services to most all business settings including Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Warehouses, Offices, Banks and Schools are some of the examples.

We will do a site survey and help guide you to the proper type of equipment and products that will work best for their location.

Our coffee is small batch and roast to order 100% Arabica Beans. It is Fair Trade Organic, Direct Trade, Rain Forest Alliance Certified and USDA organic.

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